Episode 285: New Girls Pledge Spanking Pt 2 - 10 mins.
It is time for Ziva Fey to receive her spanking as part of her pledge for the sorority. So Rolli gives out her first ever spanking to the cute Ziva, who must read the pledge rules while receiving her spanking over the knee of the bigger Rolli. Fair skinned Ziva ends up with a very red, sore bottom. Mild level spanking, but the red is for real.
Episode 284: New Girls Pledge Spanking Pt 1 - 11 mins.
Two new pledges have been assigned to spank each other. Ziva Fey takes the first turn spanking fellow pledge Rolli on her curvy bottom. Rolli must read the pledge rules while she is getting spanked. This is more of a fun spanking, then a hard spanking, but Rolli has a low tolerance for spanking and indeed ended up with a very sore bottom and eager... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 283: Tiana Spanks Dria - 8 mins.
Tiana Irie agrees to help Dria cheat on her test, but only if Dria agrees to take a spanking. Dria gets over her lap for a painful spanking, that includes the leather hand-shaped paddle. Tria also convinces Dria to study instead of cheating, using great logic, reasoning and the power of a good old-fashioned spanking.
Episode 282: Dria Spanks Tiana - 9 mins.
Dria approaches the very smart and straight laced Tiana Irie to let her know that she will be looking over her shoulder for the big test, helping her get the answer right. But Tria says she will tell if that happens. So Dria uses a good old fashioned spanking to help Tiana see the logic and value of this project. Dria even uses a leather paddle in ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 281: Vernoica Spanks Lux In Laundry Room - 10 mins.
Lux Lives was supposed to do the laundry for the sorority. She messed things up badly. Sorority President Veronica Ricci pays her a visit in the laundry room where she puts the tall, naughty lady over her knee for a painful spanking that turns her bottom bright red. Veronica even uses a leather hand shaped paddle. When the spanking is over, Lux mus... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 280: Gigi Spanks Apricot - 8 mins.
Gigi Lea got spanked by Apricot Pitts because Apricot thought it was not her turn to do the cooking, but that it was supposed to be Gigi. But it was her turn. So now to be fair, Gigi gets to spank Apricot right there in the kitchen, where the other sorority girls can hear. Gigi gives her a nice hand spanking that turns her bottom red and makes it h... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 279: Nikki Sweet Spanks Clare - 15 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda calls new girl Nikki Sweet into her office and gives her a very pervy inspection. Nikki secretly films it and then has the opportunity to teach Clare a lesson. Clare agrees to take a spanking if Nikki will delete the video of her checking out that bottom. So Clare gets over her knee to take a very sound spanking with hand and ha... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 278: Gigi Spanked Over Chores - 10 mins.
Gigi Lea did not do her chores. Apricot Pitts storms into the kitchen and calls her out. But Gigi insists that she was not scheduled for kitchen chores. This leads to a confrontation and end up with Gigi over the knee of her sorority sister Apricot, receiving a sound spanking that turns her curvy bottom bright red.
Episode 277: Lyra Spanked In Kitchen - 10 mins.
New pledge Lyra Skye quickly learns what happens if you do not follow sorority rules. Sorority President Veronica Ricci puts her over her knee in the kitchen for not doing her kitchen chores. She has Lyra strip naked then uses her hand and a riding crop to turn that bottom red and eventually Lyra apologizes. Lyra has a hard time sitting on her sore... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 276: Truth Or Dare Spanking - 10 mins.
Sorority girls Lux Lives and Yasmine Sinclair were playing Truth or Dare when Lux accepted a dare to be spanked by Yasmine. She quickly discovers that Yasmine spanks very, very hard. As her bottom turns bright red, Lux negotiates to reduce the punishment. Yasmine will not budge. So the much taller Lux turns the tables and gives Yasmine her own pain... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 275: Madi Laine Spanked In Kitchen - 11 mins.
House mom Clare Fonda is upset with new pledge Madi Laine for not making dinner for the sorority like she was supposed to. So Clare gives Madi her first lesson in sorority discipline by bending her over the stove and giving her a sound spanking. Clare starts over her school girl skirt, and spanks on layers until she reaches the bubble butt and turn... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 274: Yasmine Sinclair Spanked For Bad Dinner - 12 mins.
New pledge Yasmine Sinclair was tasked with making dinner for the sorority. When she screws up badly, trying to make dinner with an unpeeled banana, Sorority president Veronica Ricci puts her over her knee for a long and painful spanking that includes the use of a wooden spatula on that curvy bottom. Yasmine has difficulty sitting after learning th... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 273: Hannah Gets Revenge - 9 mins.
Hannah Grace was recently spanked by Cheyenne Jewel for messing up the sorority dinner. But now when Cheyenne messes it up, Hannah is ready for some revenge. Hannah puts Cheyenne over her knee for a spanking, using her hand and a leather strap. After the spanking, both ladies are left rubbing their sore, red bottoms and unable to sit for a while.
Episode 272: Hannah Grace Spanked By Cheyenne - 11 mins.
New pledge Hannah Grace was supposed to cook dinner for the sorority. She ruined the dinner and shows long time sorority girl Cheyenne Jewel the pathetic offering that she came up with. Cheyenne has no choice. She must give the curvy bottomed new girl a sound spanking that she will not soon forget. She puts Hannah over her knee and turns her bottom... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 271: Clare Gets Spanked Or Served - 21 mins.
First Clare Fonda gets a visit from Gwen Vicious, who is trying to serve her in a law suit from Alex, who Clare spanked recently. Clare will do anything to not get served and when she suggests that Gwen spank her instead of serving her, Gwen takes the opportunity to spank Clare hard, getting out all of her aggression. Then the Dad of Alex bursts in... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 270: Lawyer Spanked In Office - 13 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda gets a visit from lawyer Alex More. Alex looks too young to be a lawyer and when she explains that she is there to serve notice Teacher Clare will be sued for spanking Iris, Clare is suspicious. Clare puts Alex over her knee for a sound spanking with hand and paddle to get to the bottom of things. Alex will say anything to get o... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 269: Kajira Gets Revenge - 10 mins.
Kajira Bound was spanked by Stevie Rose for asking too many questions and annoying her. But Stevie gets a call in which she is told not to spank anyone before the pledge party. Kajira agrees to help Stevie keep the spanking she gave her a secret. But only if Kajira gets to spank Stevie and also give her some swats with the paddle. Stevie agrees and... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 268: Kajira Learns About Pledging - 12 mins.
Kajira Bound is a new sorority pledge who is helping Stevie Rose get ready for the costume pledge party. Kajira runs around bugging Stevie about what will happen at the party. So Stevie gives Kajira a demonstration. She puts Kajira over her knee for a painful initiation spanking, then has her bend over for some whacks with the paddle, leaving Kajir... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 267: Apricot Gets Revenge - 10 mins.
After Wolfie gave Apricot Pitts a long spanking, Apricot is now giving Wolfie and even longer spanking. And Wolfie quickly discovers that Apricot can spank hard, even harder than Wolfie can. Apricot gives many hard swats with her hand to the bare bottom, and also uses the paddle to make sure that Wolfie learns a lesson. Which is that you do not mes... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 266: Wolfie Spanks Apricot - 9 mins.
New pledge Wolfie was told by Stevie that she needs to give Apricot Pitts a sound spanking. Apricot will not agree to this until she hears that if Wolfie does not spank her then Stevie will. Apricot gets over her knee and takes her chances with Wolfie. She quickly discovers the Wolfie is pretty good and giving a hand spanking. Then Wolfie spanks h... JOIN FOR MORE
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