Episode 258: Gigi Spanked For Slacking - 13 mins.
Gigi Lea has been slacking off. She was supposed to help tutor Dria, but she failed. So Sorority President Veronica Ricci storms into the room to teach Gigi a lesson the good old-fashioned way. She puts Gigi over her knee for a long and painful spanking, Then she has her bend over and Veronica gives Gigi some whacks with the large wooden pledge pa... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 257: Spanking In The Office - 19 mins.
Cheerleader April and Volleyball player Iris are sent to the office where Teacher Snow Mercy will decide on their punishment for fighting. Iris starts spanking April and Snow walks in and catches her. She then gives Iris a long and painful spanking and has April cheer during the punishment. But then the powerful teacher also spanks April. She leave... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 256: Stevie Initiates Tiana Irie - 10 mins.
Tiana Irie is a new sorority member looking for Veronica to initiate her into the sorority. Stevie Rose tells her that she is Veronica and then proceeds to haze Tiana with a hand spanking, then have her bend over from strokes with a large leather strap. She completes the initiation with the large wooden paddle, leaving Tiana very sore. And what unt... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 255: Iris Spanked For Losing Bet - 10 mins.
Dria and Iris play on the volleyball team together. Dria makes a bet that their team will lose the big game. When they do lose the game, Iris accepts the spanking from Dria. She gets over her knee and gets a long spanking with hand plus a leather paddle in the shape of a hand. When the spanking concludes, Iris rubs her sore, red bottom.
Episode 254: Stevie Spanks Apricot - 10 mins.
Stevie Rose recently forgot to do the laundry and got spanked for it. So when Apricot Pitts ruins the laundry by adding bleach, Stevie gets the chance for some revenge. She puts Apricot over her knee for a painful spanking on her bare bottom, using her hand and a spatula. When she is done, it is painful for Apricot to sit on her red, sore bottom!
Episode 253: Delilah Day Gets Her Hazing - 7 mins.
Delilah Day gave Harmony Rivers her sorority initiation recently. Now it is time for Delilah to receive her hazing. She gets over the knee of Harmony and takes a spanking while reading the rules. Harmony has trouble sitting on her sore bottom, and when Delilah is finished receiving her spanking, both ladies rub their sore bottoms and Delilah also h... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 252: Stevie Spanked Over Laundry - 11 mins.
Stevie Rose was supposed to do the laundry for the sorority, but she left it wet in the washer for hours. Sorority sister Apricot Pitts is not happy. So as is her right by sorority rules, she puts Stevie over her knee for a long and painful spanking in the kitchen. She uses her hand, plus a wooden spoon, turning that curvy bottom bright red and tea... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 251: Harmony Rivers Gets Her Hazing - 9 mins.
Harmony Rivers and Delilah Day are two new sorority members who must haze each other for the initiation. Both are required to strip and do it naked. Harmony gets over the new of the sexy Delilah in this episode, and receives a stinging spanking while she reads the rules of the sorority, which of course involves lots of spanking threats. Harmony end... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 250: Maddy Spanks Teacher Snow - 11 mins.
Teacher Snow Mercy recently spanked Maddy Marks for cursing in class. But as Maddy was leaving the office, she heard Snow on the phone, cursing. So Maddy storms back in and informs Snow that Maddy will either tell the principal or give Snow a spanking. Reluctantly, Snow takes the spanking over the knee of the very strong student, who delivers a spa... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 249: Maddy Spanked For Cursing - 9 mins.
Maddy Marks has been cursing in class again. Teacher Snow Mercy marches Maddy into her office by her ear, where she proceeds to go through her file and explain how Maddy is in big trouble Teacher Snow then puts Maddy over her knee right there in the office and gives her a painful spanking, using her hand plus a wooden ruler. Her bottom turns bright... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 248: Holiday Party Spanking - 13 mins.
New girl Dresden was tasked with decorating the sorority for Thanksgiving. Instead she went crazy and put a coffin in the living room and put Halloween ornaments on the Christmas tree. Sorority head Veronica Ricci is appalled and decides to teach Dresden a lesson with a sound spanking and paddling, letting Dresden know that she can expect many more... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 247: Gigi Spanks Dria - 11 mins.
Gigi Lea was spanked by Dria recently and now it is time for her to get some revenge. If Dria wants help with her homework and the upcoming test, then Dria must submit to a spanking. So she gets over the knee of Gigi who goes to town on that curvy bottom. Dria is surprised by how hard Gigi can spank. And she even uses a paddle. Dria learns her less... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 246: Bella Gives Elori Halloween Spanking - 12 mins.
Super tall and beautiful Bella Rolland is all about being Wonder Woman for Halloween. But fellow student at the school for wayward girls Elori Stix nags her to change out of her sexy costume. Bella gets fed up with Elori nagging her and puts the much smaller cutie over her knee for a long and painful spanking. She even uses a paddle. Elori gets a r... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 245: Halfway House Spanking Day 4 - 20 mins.
In the final episode of the Halfway House series, the girls come back and get sound spankings for attempting to run away. Tori Avano goes first, then Aleksa Nicole and they finish with a long spanking for goodie-goodie tattle-tale Casey Calvert, who gets spanked by the priest and the nun (Syren De Mer). Lots of naughty bottoms get turned bright red... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 244: Halfway House Spanking Day 3 - 14 mins.
Goodie-goodie girl Casey Calvert tells Sister Cy (Syren De Mer) all about how Jynx Maze lead Tori Avano and Alksa Nicole on an escape from the school for wayward girls. The strict nun marches Jynx upstairs to the office of the Priest who dishes out discipline. Sister Cy holds the legs of the naughty girl as she kicks over his knee while getting a p... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 243: Dria Pressures Gigi To Cheat - 10 mins.
Dria pressures her volleyball teammate Gigi Lea to help her cheat on their next big test in class. But when Gigi refuses, Dria uses the power of a sound spanking to help influence Gigi. Dria uses her hand and a wooden paddle on that curvy bottom. Gigi holds out as long as she can, but ultimately the pain is too much and she gives in, agreeing to he... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 242: Halfway House Spanking Day 2 - 26 mins.
Sister Sy (Syren De Mer)lectures three naughty ladies at the school for wayward girls - Giselle Mari, Chloe Amour and Vicki Chase. They are then taken to the office where Giselle and Vicki are spanked by the priest. Sister Sy then spanks Chloe, while she reads some scripture. All three ladies end up with very sore bottoms and work on a plan to esca... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 241: Halfway House Spanking Day 1 - 23 mins.
Chloe Amour and Alexis Grace are two delinquents who are sent to the halfway house for wayward girls. A priest is brought in to dish out the discipline for these young ladies and he does so by putting each other his knee and handing out a firm spanking. Alexis laughs while Chloe is spanked, but it is not so funny when she gets spanked and Chloe hol... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 240: VB Coach Gets Revenge - 13 mins.
Volleyball coach Veronica Ricci was willing to take a spanking to get the grade of her best player changed. But when Teacher Clare Fonda decides not to change the grade, Veronica dishes out a painful spanking that convinces Clare she should do as she said. Clare wiggles and complains and her bottom turns red, but she cannot escape the wrath of Vero... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 239: Teacher Clare Spanks Coach Veronica - 11 mins.
Volleyball coach Veronica Ricci marches into the office of the teacher who failed her player Dria. But Clare Fonda has no sympathy. As Veronica will not leave, Clare offers to look into the failed exam, but only if Veronica accepts a spanking from her. Veronica gets over her knee for a painful hand spanking from the strong teacher, who turns that c... JOIN FOR MORE
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