Episode 224: Lola Belle Spanked by Clare - 12 mins.
Clare Fonda is a chaperon on the team volleyball trip. Lola Belle is the sexy setter who is hitting on girls from the other team. Clare needs it to stop and has tried everything but hard discipline. Clare puts Lola over her knee for a long, sound spanking with her hand and a leather paddle. Clare starts over her volleyball shorts but finishes on th... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 223: Iris Gets a Long Hard Spanking - 18 mins.
Iris is a tall beauty who has a lenient mother who hired Veronica Ricci to handle discipline for her naughty daughter in hopes she can avoid reform school. Veronica gives Iris a very painful lesson over her knee in this very long and hard spanking that includes hand and paddle. Iris is a pro switch who can take a sound spanking and Veronica can re... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 222: Blair Williams Gets Revenge - 7 mins.
Elori Stix gave Blair Williams her initiation spanking, but the much taller and stronger Blair is looking for some revenge for her sore bottom. So she puts Elori over her knee for a very painful spanking with her hand and a wooden spatula. She makes Elori very sorry for being the one to initiate Blair into the sorority as she turns her bottom brigh... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 221: Initiation of Blair Williams - 7 mins.
Sexy porn star Blair Willaims gets initiated into the sorority by Elori Stix. She bends over the kitchen counter and reads the rules while Elori gives that curvy bottom a sound hand spanking. Blair has her bare bottom turned bright red and she is completely embarrassed and in pain, but this lady is quite a bit larger then Elori and just might seek ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 220: Rachel Spanked In Dungeon - 12 mins.
Teacher Snow Mercy only takes the naughtiest of students to her private dungeon and Rachel Adams has been so bad she qualifies for this extreme punishment. She was the one who made the cheat sheet and now she gets a long, painful spanking that will teach her a lesson she will not forget. She is brought to tears as she is bent over and spanked and p... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 219: Cherry Spanked For Bad Behavior - 14 mins.
Cherry Kitty is being a naughty girl and her mom was so worried that would lead her to the school for wayward girls that she hired Veronica Ricci to instill some discipline in her daughter by any means necessary. With Veronica that means a hard spanking and paddling. Veronica helps convince Cherry to change her ways as she puts her over her knee fo... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 218: Stormy Spanked For Cheating On Test - 15 mins
Teacher Snow Mercy calls new girl Stormy Squires into her office to get to the bottom of who made a cheat sheet for the test. At first Stormy denies everything, which gets her a trip over the knee of her dominant teacher. As Snow spanks her harder and harder, Stormy admits that she did cheat but she will not say who made the cheat sheet. But the wo... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 217: Luci Spanked For Smoking - 13 mins.
When Luci Lovett is caught smoking on campus, Miss Elizabeth visits the sorority house to teach her a lesson. One of the hardest spankers in the biz, Miss Elizabeth puts Luci over her knee and delivers a painful spanking that will surely allow Luci to correct her behavior. Luci is also bratty, which gets her more with the paddle. When it is over, L... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 216: Sailor Spanks Clare Over Party - 14 mins.
When Sailor Luna discovers the teacher Clare Fonda canceled the big sorority party Sailor had planned, she decides to teach the teacher a lesson with a sound spanking over her knee. She uses her hand and hairbrush, turning that bottom bright red. Sailor also gives Clare a math lesson by counting out the final 100 spanks with the hairbrush before le... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 215: Veronica Spanks & Paddles Arielle - 14 mins.
Veronica Ricci visits Arielle Lane in her house, where her mom hired Veronica to discipline her daughter. Arielle is a bad party girl on a path that will lead her to the school for wayward girls, just like her sister. So Veronica persuades Arielle to be a good girl using good old fashioned discipline in the form of a hand spanking and a hard paddl... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 214: Alexa Nova Spanked In The Office - 13 mins.
Alexa Nova secretly took photos when Teacher Clare Fonda was spanking Sabina Rogue and now the secret is out. So Alexa is called into the office to show Clare the photos she took and delete them and then receive the appropriate punishment - which of course is a spanking. It is a firm hand spanking that leaves Alexa with a sore, red bottom that she ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 213: Blair Gets Her Revenge - 9 mins.
When Blair Watson gets a chance at a revenge spanking on that curvy bottom of Dria, she does not miss that opportunity. She first has Dria across her lap receiving a spanking while she reads some rules. Then Dria bends over for some whacks with the large wooden Attitude Adjustment paddle that leaves her bottom red and sore for days.
Episode 212: Sabina Rogue Spanked For Bad Attitude - 10 mins.
New girl Sabina Rogue is called into the office of Clare Fonda for wearing the wrong uniform, one that is very short. She demonstrates a very defiant and naughty attitude that Teacher Clare must quickly correct. Clare puts Sabina over her knee and gives her a sound spanking on that naughty, curvy bottom, turning it bright red. Her bottom is so sore... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 211: Administrator Gets Spanked at Checkout - 12 mins.
It is time for Veronica Ricci to check out of the school for wayward girls and administrator Red August wants her to sign a non disclosure form about all the punishment that takes place at this institution. That signature comes with a price as Veronica puts Red over her knee for a long and painful spanking with hand, leather paddle and a hairbrush ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 210: New Girl Receives Initiation - 10 mins.
New girl Blair Watson receives her first spanking after joining the sorority, administered by Dria. Blair must read the rules of the house, with plenty of spanking threats, while Dria is punishing her. It is both painful and humiliating. This is also the first scene from Blair, who is a fitness model who wanted to try her hand at spanking. She can ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 209: Maddy Spanks Lux For Math Help - 10 mins.
Maddy Marks was spanked by Lux Lives and her bottom is very sore. She would like to give some payback and Lux needs her help studying for an upcoming math test. So Lux agrees to get over her knee for a long and painful spanking from Maddy that includes some whacks with a wooden paddle. And since it is a math test, there will be some counting while ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 208: New Girl Spanked For Skimpy Uniform - 16 mins.
Senior girl Veronica Ricci confronts new girl Holly Handler about the skimpy uniform she is wearing on her first day at the school for wayward girls. Holly is bratty and defiant and decided to bring her own uniform that shows off her butt cheeks. Well Veronica puts Holly over her knee for a very long, painful spanking that teaches this naughty girl... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 207: Teacher Snow Spanks Kim Chi - 11 mins.
When teacher Snow Mercy hears about Kim Chi posing as a teacher in order to spank other students, Snow marches into her office and gives Snow a very hard spanking over her knee and also bends her over her desk for some whacks with a wooden ruler. Kim pleads that she has already been spanked, but Snow needs to dish out her own discipline, even if it... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 206: Wardrobe Mishap Spanking - 12 mins.
Sister Riley Nixon was supposed to get her nun outfit cleaned by teacher Clare Fonda. But instead she leaves Riley with a skimpy sexy outfit. Riley is appalled and looking to punish Clare for this intentional "mistake." She puts Clare over her knee for a long and painful spanking that begins with her hand and completes with a wooden paddle that lea... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 205: Maddy Spanked for Bullying - 11 mins.
The tall and fierce Lux Lives confronts Maddy Marks about how she bullied Rachel. Maddy is unconcerned until Lux puts her over her knee for a very long and painful spanking. Lux uses her hand and a leather shoe shaped paddle. When Maddy thinks the punishment over, Lux gives her 25 more with a wooden paddle and has Maddy count them. Maddy is left ru... JOIN FOR MORE
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