Episode 149: Sister Spanking Day Two - 9 mins.
Well, after one sister (Dylan Rose) spanked the other (Lilia), it is time for a nice revenge spanking. So Lilia puts Dylan over her knee and gives her sister just what she got, a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush that turns Dylan's bottom bright red. Dylan has trouble sitting and learns a valuable lesson.
Episode 148: Veronica's Payback - 9 mins.
Veronica Ricci let Emily Parker spank her in exchange for placing a bet on the volleyball team. Emily didn't place the bet, the team won, and Veronica is angry. So she gets a nice revenge spanking on Emily, putting her over her knee and turning her curvy bottom bright red. Emily squeals and wiggles, but there is no escaping the wrath of Veronica. E... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 147: Clown Cheating Day One - 8 mins.
Elori Stix and Nova are both called into Teach Snow's class, while still in their clown makeup from a school party. They have been accused of cheating and try to resolve who is at fault before Snow arrives. This results in a spanking for Elori, since she is so tiny next to the more powerful Nova, who spanks Elori over her knee with her hand and a p... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 146: Sister Spanking Day One - 11 mins.
Dyla Rose is a schoolgirl who threatens to tell mom that her sister Lilia did something bad at school. Lilia will do anything if Dylan doesn't tell. So Dylan decides to give her sister a nice long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Lilia kicks and protests, but her sister is determined to turn Lilia's curvy bottom bright red.
Episode 145: Spanked For Placing a Bet - 6 mins.
Veronica Ricci is so sure that her volleyball team will win the big game, that she wants to bet on them. So she asks schoolgirl Emily Parker to place a bet for her. But Emily says there will be a price for that - and it comes in the form of a spanking. Reluctantly, Veronica agrees. She gets a firm hand spanking over Emily's knee, turning her curvy ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 144: Teacher Snow Punishes Arielle - 16 mins
Teacher Snow Mercy finds Arielle Lane on the phone complaining about her uniform. She inspects and finds Arielle wearing slutty panties. She punishes Arielle by giving her painful wedgies, and a good old fashioned hand spanking over her knee. She leaves Arielle to pick out her wedgies, and rub her sore, red bottom. She definitely learned a painful ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 143: Cheerleader Spanking Contest Part 2 - 17 mins.
It's time for cheerleader Alexis Grace to get revenge on opposing team cheerleader Mary Jane and this means the same as what she got - over the knee spanking followed by a few whacks with a very large wooden paddle. Big bottomed Mary Jane gets a good thrashing and is not happy her team lost the game this time, meaning she loses the bet with Alexis.
Episode 142: Veronica & Dria Punish Snow - 18 mins.
Veronica Ricci and new girl Dria find Teacher Snow in her "office" which looks very much like a dungeon. When they discover she has been punishing girls here, they agree to keep it quiet if Snow takes the discipline spanking she deserves from each one of them. They use their hands, a leather paddle and a thin wooden implement to deliver the message... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 141: Elori Gets Revenge Spanking on Stevie - 9 mins.
Stevie Rose spanked Elori Stix because she didn't do her laundry. But Elori wants to be able to spank Stevie because it's not even her turn to do the laundry. Reluctantly, Stevie agrees and Elori surprises her with a hard spanking over her knee. Power to the little ladies who pack a punch. And that hairbrush comes in handy.
Episode 140: Cheerleader Spanking Contest - 12 mins.
Inspired by true events, two cheerleaders from opposing schools bet on which team will win. If her team loses, as stunning Alexis Grace's team does, then the winner gets to give out a spanking, which Mary Jane does quite effectively, turning the cocky Alexis's bottom bright red. She finishes her off with 3 sound whacks with a large wooden paddle. A... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 139: Veronica Spanks Chrissy & Cora - 13 mins.
When Veronica finds Cora Ora and Chrissy Marie were fighting and they aren't dressed for the sorority Halloween party, she disciplines each of them in the library, first putting Cora over her knee for a sound spanking, then Chrissy. Each girl is left rubbing her sore red bottom, and unable to sit down. Senior girl Veronica knows how to keep her sor... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 138: Stevie Spanks Elori for Not Doing Laundry - 10 mins
Stevie Rose is a no non-sense sorority girl who is very strict when it comes to the chores. And when she finds out that Elori Stix skipped her turn to do the laundry, she puts the little lady with the curvy bottom over her knee for a hard spanking, using her hand, then a wooden hairbrush that leaves marks all over the squirmy Elori's bottom. And fo... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 137: Clare Fonda Spanks Kira in Office - 14 mins.
Clare Fonda is waiting with student Kira, who has wronged her daughter. Clare got the go ahead from the nuns to discipline Kira as she sees fit. So she puts the curvy bottomed girl over her knee for a long, hard spanking, with her hand and a leather crossed paddle. Kira is defiant at first, but gets tamed eventually by Clare.
Episode 136: Veronica Punishes Harley Havik Severely - 47 mins.
Harley Havik has been so bad and defiant that very angry senior girl Veronica Ricci must give her the harshest of punishments. She whips, canes, paddles and spanks Harley until she is tamed and left crying in the corner. This scene is very severe and includes bondage and several implements as well as full nudity and a variety of positions.
Episode 135: Teacher Snow Uses Dungeon on Bad Girl - 9 mins.
When sorority girl Chanell Heart is extra naughty, teacher Snow takes her to a private place to punish her. A dungeon. Chanell is shocked, but nothing will stop her from a trip over her teacher's knee for a spanking and paddling. And when it is finally over, Chanell ends up locked in a large cage, where she is embarrassed and in pain, rubbing her s... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 134: Spanking Contest Rematch - 11 mins.
Savanah Fox calls for a rematch with Briella Jaden in their spanking contest. This time Savanah spanks Briella so long and hard that Briella gives up. Her curvy bottom turns bright red. She can't sit down. Will this competition ever end or will the girls team up to spank other sorority girls?
Episode 133: Veronica Spanks Apricot for Cheating - 11 mins.
When Veronica Ricci overhears Apricot planning to cheat on a test, she shows Apricot exactly how such things are handled at this school for wayward girls. She puts Apricot over her knee for a very hard spanking with her hand and a wooden bath brush. No matter how much Apricot sequels and kicks she's not getting out of the hard discipline until she ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 132: Roxie's Sister Spanks New Girl Lola - 14 mins.
Roxie's sister An Li maybe be on the tiny side, but she is a hard spanker, just like her sis. She puts new girl Lola Chan over her knee to break her into the sorority with a sound spanking in the bedroom, with her hand and a wooden hairbrush. Lola squirms and squeals but can't get out of her discipline. When it's over, An soothes Lola's poor bottom... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 131: Briella Spanks Savannah - 8 mins.
Savannah Fox spanked Briella Jaden as they battled to show who the toughest sorority girl is. Now it's Briella's turn to spank Savannah's curvy bottom to see if she taps out or not. Lots of energy and sound spanking in the spanking battle between to naughty, bad-ass schoolgirls.
Episode 130: Kitty's Spanking in the Office - 17 mins.
New girl Kitty Catherine gives Veronica Ricci a shot in the butt, plus a spanking. Head girl Veronica is not pleased with this surprise attach. She puts the naughty Kitty over her knee for a long, hard spanking in the office, bringing the bad sorority girl to tears. Veronica leaves Kitty's bottom red and sore from her wooden hairbrush.
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