Episode 238: Clare Spanked by Miss Bernadette - 12 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda has been acting inappropriately with her students again. So when she visits the very strict Miss Bernadette, she knows what she deserves. And that is a very sound spanking from this stern lady. Clare gets over her knee for a long, painful spanking with hand and wooden hairbrush. She leaves with a sore, red bottom and having lear... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 237: Teacher Snow Spanked By VB Coach - 15 mins
Volleyball Coach Veronica Ricci is upset that Teacher Snow Mercy failed star player Iris, which means she will get kicked off the team. So Veronica marches into her office and puts Snow over her knee for a very long, hard spanking, lecturing her about respecting the Volleyball team, turning her bottom bright red. When Veronica uses a strong wooden ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 236: Iris Spanks Clare at Home - 11 mins.
When Iris visited her former teacher Clare Fonda at her home, she got a spanking from her. But now it is time for the teacher to get spanked. Clare finds herself over the knee of Iris for a long, punishing spanking using her hand and the dreaded wooden bath brush. Clare ends up with a sore, red bottom from the very tall, dominant student.
Episode 235: Clare Spanks Iris at Home - 11 mins.
Iris visits her teacher Clare Fonda at her home. Iris explains how she has been missing the discipline she used to get at the school for wayward girls. So Clare puts her over her knee and does the favor of getting the spanking she so deserves. And Clare does not go easy. She spanks Iris hard using her hand and a wooden bath brush that turns that b... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 234: Dria Spanked Over Failed Test - 15 mins
When Dria gets zero correct on her test, she gets called into the office of Volleyball Coach Veronica Ricci, who lets Dria know that she is convinced Dria got all the answers incorrect so she could get kicked off the team. But Veronica will not let that happen. She puts Dria over her knee for a long and painful spanking, that includes a wooden padd... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 233: Kaylee Spanked For Bad Behavior - 12 mins.
Kaylee has been caught smoking a cursing, so she gets called to the office of strict teacher Miss Gloria. Kaylee tries dying everything, so she quickly ends up over the knee of the tall and powerful Gloria, receiving a spanking she will not soon forget. Her bottom turns bright red, she is so sorry and promises to be a good girl from now on.
Episode 232: Veronica Gives Apricot a Hard Spanking - 16 mins.
Sorority pledge Apricot Pitts already has a sore bottom from being spanked by Ashley. But now she is in for another, harder spanking, this time by Veronica Ricci. Veronica drives home the lesson that Apricot must follow the rules, by putting her over her knee for a very long and painful spanking using her hand and a wooden bath brush. Now Apricot i... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 231: Ashley Spanks Apricot - 9 mins.
The dinner that Apricot Pitts made on behalf of Ashley Lane for the sorority was a disaster. Ashley got spanked for it so now she wants revenge. She spanks Apricot in the kitchen even though Apricot claims that Veronica has promised to spank her. Maybe she will, but Ashley needs to whack that booty hard and in addition to a hand spanking, she also ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 230: Iris Punished Long and Hard - 25 mins.
Mistress Gloria (6ft 3in pro domme) has been hired by the school for wayward girls to punish the very worst school girls. Iris escaped and stole a car for a joy ride. So she finds herself over the knee of this very stern lady, receiving a hand spanking, a paddling, then she is bent over and strapped and caned. This volleyball team player Iris leave... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 229: Apricot Spanks Ashley - 8 mins.
Ashley Lane is supposed to make dinner for the sorority today. But she is so bad at cooking and will do anything to pass this job along. Sorority sister Apricot Pitts offers to take her place and make the dinner, but it will cost Ashley a spanking. Reluctantly, Ashley agrees and is bent over in the kitchen for a sound spanking that Apricot enjoys, ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 228: Andy Gets Revenge - 9 mins.
Iris just spanked Andy Moon until she agreed to say she was the one who started their fight. But Andy wants revenge to seal the deal, so Iris agrees to letting Andy give her a spanking, thinking that the much smaller Andy cannot possibly spank very hard. She quickly learns that she is incorrect. Andy turns that bottom bright red using a wooden bath... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 227: Bella Rolland Spanked In the Office - 11 mins.
When tall beauty Bella Rolland is called into the office of Volleyball Coach Veronica Ricci,she is in trouble. She is given a choice to receive punishment or join the volleyball team. She refuses to join and quickly finds herself over the knee of an angry Veronica, who gives her a long, sound spanking and paddling. Eventually, with a sore painful b... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 226: Kiki Spanked For Flirting - 11 mins.
When cute Kiki Cali flirts with Senior Sister Sarah Gregory, she gets more then she bargains for. She was expecting a little cuddling and kissing at the very least but instead finds herself over the knee of the strong Sorority Sister Sarah, getting a long a painful spanking with hand and a stingy pink hairbrush. Kiki learns her lesson the hard way ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 225: Iris Spanks Andy Long and Hard - 11 mins.
New girl Andy Moon is called into the office for fighting with tall mean girl Iris. Iris does not want to get kicked off the volleyball team so she strips Andy naked, puts her over her knee and gives her a long, painful spanking with hand and wooden bath brush to help Andy see her point of view. After her bottom is red and sore, Andy agrees to say... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 224: Lola Belle Spanked by Clare - 12 mins.
Clare Fonda is a chaperon on the team volleyball trip. Lola Belle is the sexy setter who is hitting on girls from the other team. Clare needs it to stop and has tried everything but hard discipline. Clare puts Lola over her knee for a long, sound spanking with her hand and a leather paddle. Clare starts over her volleyball shorts but finishes on th... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 223: Iris Gets a Long Hard Spanking - 18 mins.
Iris is a tall beauty who has a lenient mother who hired Veronica Ricci to handle discipline for her naughty daughter in hopes she can avoid reform school. Veronica gives Iris a very painful lesson over her knee in this very long and hard spanking that includes hand and paddle. Iris is a pro switch who can take a sound spanking and Veronica can re... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 222: Blair Williams Gets Revenge - 7 mins.
Elori Stix gave Blair Williams her initiation spanking, but the much taller and stronger Blair is looking for some revenge for her sore bottom. So she puts Elori over her knee for a very painful spanking with her hand and a wooden spatula. She makes Elori very sorry for being the one to initiate Blair into the sorority as she turns her bottom brigh... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 221: Initiation of Blair Williams - 7 mins.
Sexy porn star Blair Willaims gets initiated into the sorority by Elori Stix. She bends over the kitchen counter and reads the rules while Elori gives that curvy bottom a sound hand spanking. Blair has her bare bottom turned bright red and she is completely embarrassed and in pain, but this lady is quite a bit larger then Elori and just might seek ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 220: Rachel Spanked In Dungeon - 12 mins.
Teacher Snow Mercy only takes the naughtiest of students to her private dungeon and Rachel Adams has been so bad she qualifies for this extreme punishment. She was the one who made the cheat sheet and now she gets a long, painful spanking that will teach her a lesson she will not forget. She is brought to tears as she is bent over and spanked and p... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 219: Cherry Spanked For Bad Behavior - 14 mins.
Cherry Kitty is being a naughty girl and her mom was so worried that would lead her to the school for wayward girls that she hired Veronica Ricci to instill some discipline in her daughter by any means necessary. With Veronica that means a hard spanking and paddling. Veronica helps convince Cherry to change her ways as she puts her over her knee fo... JOIN FOR MORE
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