Episode 271: Clare Gets Spanked Or Served - 21 mins.
First Clare Fonda gets a visit from Gwen Vicious, who is trying to serve her in a law suit from Alex, who Clare spanked recently. Clare will do anything to not get served and when she suggests that Gwen spank her instead of serving her, Gwen takes the opportunity to spank Clare hard, getting out all of her aggression. Then the Dad of Alex bursts in... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 270: Lawyer Spanked In Office - 13 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda gets a visit from lawyer Alex More. Alex looks too young to be a lawyer and when she explains that she is there to serve notice Teacher Clare will be sued for spanking Iris, Clare is suspicious. Clare puts Alex over her knee for a sound spanking with hand and paddle to get to the bottom of things. Alex will say anything to get o... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 269: Kajira Gets Revenge - 10 mins.
Kajira Bound was spanked by Stevie Rose for asking too many questions and annoying her. But Stevie gets a call in which she is told not to spank anyone before the pledge party. Kajira agrees to help Stevie keep the spanking she gave her a secret. But only if Kajira gets to spank Stevie and also give her some swats with the paddle. Stevie agrees and... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 268: Kajira Learns About Pledging - 12 mins.
Kajira Bound is a new sorority pledge who is helping Stevie Rose get ready for the costume pledge party. Kajira runs around bugging Stevie about what will happen at the party. So Stevie gives Kajira a demonstration. She puts Kajira over her knee for a painful initiation spanking, then has her bend over for some whacks with the paddle, leaving Kajir... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 267: Apricot Gets Revenge - 10 mins.
After Wolfie gave Apricot Pitts a long spanking, Apricot is now giving Wolfie and even longer spanking. And Wolfie quickly discovers that Apricot can spank hard, even harder than Wolfie can. Apricot gives many hard swats with her hand to the bare bottom, and also uses the paddle to make sure that Wolfie learns a lesson. Which is that you do not mes... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 266: Wolfie Spanks Apricot - 9 mins.
New pledge Wolfie was told by Stevie that she needs to give Apricot Pitts a sound spanking. Apricot will not agree to this until she hears that if Wolfie does not spank her then Stevie will. Apricot gets over her knee and takes her chances with Wolfie. She quickly discovers the Wolfie is pretty good and giving a hand spanking. Then Wolfie spanks h... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 265: Stevie Gets Another Spanking - 14 mins.
Stevie Rose recently got spanked by Teacher Snow in her office. But Sorority leader Veronica Ricci decides Stevie needs another spanking on her already spanked sore bottom. This time for messing up the cooking assignment. Veronica puts Stevie over her knee in the kitchen and gives her a long, painful spanking using a wooden spatula, sending Stevie ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 264: Stevie Spanked By Miss Snow - 13 mins.
Stevie Rose has been tricking some of the other sorority girls so that she can spank them. But when Teacher Snow Mercy learns about it, she calls Stevie into her office to give her a stern lecture and punishment. She puts Stevie over her knee for a long and painful spanking, using her hand and a hard wooden ruler, leaving Stevie so sore she must ru... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 263: Bella Spanks Becca For Slacking - 15 mins.
Sorority President Bella Bathory is upset that pledge Becca Belle has not been cleaning the kitchen as she was supposed to be doing. So Bella scolds her, humiliates her then bends her over the sink for a spanking. Then she puts the naughty southern belle over her knee and gives her a long and painful spanking with hand and wooden spatula. Becca lea... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 262: April Spanks Iris - 11 mins.
April Rain is in the office waiting for Iris. April bounces on her opportunity to give Iris a long and painful revenge spanking. April is still sore from the spanking that Iris gave her and the one Teacher Snow gave her because of Iris. So when Iris gets over her knee, April rains down some hard swats with her hand and the dreaded wooden bath brush... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 261: Kyra Fox Gets Trained - 12 mins.
New Pledge Kyra Fox learns the rules from Veronica Ricci the hard way. First she wore the wrong schoolgirl outfit. So she gets an over the knee spanking with hand and leather paddle from Veronica and it is long and hard. Then Kyra has to bend over and receive more spankings that are completed with five whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle tha... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 260: Tiana Gets Revenge - 10 mins.
When Pledge Tiana Irie discovers that Stevie Rose tricked her when she initiated her recently, she is looking for some revenge. So she spanks Stevie over her knee, before bending her over for some punishment with a strap. Finally she delivers a few very hard swats with the large wooden pledge paddle. Stevie is very sorry and very sore and left rubb... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 259: Dria Spanked For Throwing Game - 9 mins.
Dria Spanked Iris recently over their bet on if their team would win or lose the volleyball game. Dria admits that she threw the game to win the bet. In order to keep Iris from telling the coach, she accepts a painful spanking from Iris, who uses her hand and the leather hand shaped paddle to turn that curvy bottom bright red. Hopefully Dria learns... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 258: Gigi Spanked For Slacking - 13 mins.
Gigi Lea has been slacking off. She was supposed to help tutor Dria, but she failed. So Sorority President Veronica Ricci storms into the room to teach Gigi a lesson the good old-fashioned way. She puts Gigi over her knee for a long and painful spanking, Then she has her bend over and Veronica gives Gigi some whacks with the large wooden pledge pa... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 257: Spanking In The Office - 19 mins.
Cheerleader April and Volleyball player Iris are sent to the office where Teacher Snow Mercy will decide on their punishment for fighting. Iris starts spanking April and Snow walks in and catches her. She then gives Iris a long and painful spanking and has April cheer during the punishment. But then the powerful teacher also spanks April. She leave... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 256: Stevie Initiates Tiana Irie - 10 mins.
Tiana Irie is a new sorority member looking for Veronica to initiate her into the sorority. Stevie Rose tells her that she is Veronica and then proceeds to haze Tiana with a hand spanking, then have her bend over from strokes with a large leather strap. She completes the initiation with the large wooden paddle, leaving Tiana very sore. And what unt... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 255: Iris Spanked For Losing Bet - 10 mins.
Dria and Iris play on the volleyball team together. Dria makes a bet that their team will lose the big game. When they do lose the game, Iris accepts the spanking from Dria. She gets over her knee and gets a long spanking with hand plus a leather paddle in the shape of a hand. When the spanking concludes, Iris rubs her sore, red bottom.
Episode 254: Stevie Spanks Apricot - 10 mins.
Stevie Rose recently forgot to do the laundry and got spanked for it. So when Apricot Pitts ruins the laundry by adding bleach, Stevie gets the chance for some revenge. She puts Apricot over her knee for a painful spanking on her bare bottom, using her hand and a spatula. When she is done, it is painful for Apricot to sit on her red, sore bottom!
Episode 253: Delilah Day Gets Her Hazing - 7 mins.
Delilah Day gave Harmony Rivers her sorority initiation recently. Now it is time for Delilah to receive her hazing. She gets over the knee of Harmony and takes a spanking while reading the rules. Harmony has trouble sitting on her sore bottom, and when Delilah is finished receiving her spanking, both ladies rub their sore bottoms and Delilah also h... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 252: Stevie Spanked Over Laundry - 11 mins.
Stevie Rose was supposed to do the laundry for the sorority, but she left it wet in the washer for hours. Sorority sister Apricot Pitts is not happy. So as is her right by sorority rules, she puts Stevie over her knee for a long and painful spanking in the kitchen. She uses her hand, plus a wooden spoon, turning that curvy bottom bright red and tea... JOIN FOR MORE
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