Episode 362: Cheyenne Spanking Ordeal Part 1 - 6 mins.
Cheyenne Jewel and Dani Synclair are in the office waiting for the teacher to punish them for breaking the rules. No copying. Cheyenne convinces Dani to take all of the blame. There is spanking involved of course. Cheyenne has Dani over her knee and uses her hand plus the brat paddle on that curvy bottom.
Episode 361: Halloween Spanking - 11
Constance had told her friend Greasy Rose to wear a cave girl costume like her to the school office Halloween party. But Rose instead wore a super girl costume because she liked the way it looked. So Constance gives Rose a spanking over her knee, finishing with 20 with a paddle that Rose counts out loud.
Episode 360: No Panties Spanking - 8 mins.
Clare Fonda recently gave Beverly Snow a spanking for a dress code violation. But when Beverly finds out that Clare does not wear panties, she spanks the teacher over her knee on her bare bottom and even uses a hairbrush with the name Clare Fonda on it. She turns that famous bottom bright red.
Episode 359: Lexi Spanked Over Insults - 11 mins.
When Em Indica catches fellow sorority girl Lexi Holland insulting the new pledges, she teaches her a lesson in respect by putting her over her knee and giving her a sound hand spanking. Then Em finishes the punishment by paddling that cute butt with the Brat paddle, leaving Lexi sorry and sore and sporting a red bottom.
Episode 358: Dess Code Violatiion - 8 mins.
Teacher and volleyball coach pays a visit to new sorority girl Beverly Snow because of her dress code violations. Beverly wore a schoolgirl skirt so short that her bottom was showing. And she was not wearing any panties. Clare spanks Beverly on her bare bottom, even given her a few swats with a hairbrush.
Episode 357: Riley Spanks Lexi - 8 mins.
Lexi Holland just spanked Riley Haze, convincing her that it was part of the sorority hazing. But when Riley learns that Lexi was doing it for fun, not part of any official sorority initiation, Riley is looking for some payback. Riley will not tell anyone, as long as she can givs Lexi the same spanking that she got from her.
Episode 356: Lexi Hazes Riley - 8 mins.
Lexi Hollands tells new girl Riley Haze it is her day to be hazed for the sorority, even though Riley thinks it is supposed to happen tomorrow. As part of the sorority ritual, Lexi puts Riley over her knee for a spanking with her hand and the brat paddle. Riley yelps and squirms while her bottom gets very sore.
Episode 355: Breakout Part 4 - 6 mins.
Teacher Snow Mercy completes this punishment series by spanking Astrid Allure in the lounge while Ziva Fey gets her turn to watch. The other teachers might even hear this spanking. Astrid yelps out from the pain and humiliation, while Snow completes the discipline by using a leather paddle, turning that curvy bottom red.
Episode 354: Breakout Part 3 - 6 mins.
Ziva Fey and Astrid Allure visit Teacher Snow Mercy in the Teacher Lounge, as directed. Here, Snow continues their punishment by putting Ziva over her knee for a sound hand spanking, completing it with a paddling, all while Astrid watches and maybe even other teachers can hear what is happening.
Episode 353: Breakout Part 2 - 9 mins.
Teacher Snow Mercy bursts into the dorm room when she overhears Astrid Allue spanking Ziva Fey. Snow decides that Astrid must have a taste of her own medicine and she puts Astrid over her knee for a sound hand spanking. When it is over, and both Astrid and Ziva are rubbing their sore bottoms, Snow tells them to report to the break room.
Episode 352: Breakout Part 1 - 6 mins.
Ziva Fey and Astrid Allure failed to successfully break out of the school for wayward ladies. Now they are waiting for Teach Snow to come punish them in some way. They argue over who was at fault and Astrid has heard enough from Ziva. She puts her over her knee for a loud spanking which is interrupted by Snow.
Episode 351: Yasmine Spanks Her Tutor - 8 mins.
Yasmine Sinclair failed her test and she is looking for her tutor Rachel Adams, who recently spanked her over her poor study habits. But Yasmine insists that Rachel is the reason she failed this test. Rachel ends up over the knee of her pupil as she receives a hard spanking with hand and wooden spoon.
Episode 350: Dani Spanks Tiana - 9 mins.
Tiana Irie spanks Dani Synclair in the office waiting for teacher Snow. When Snow shouts out from another room that she needs 10 more minutes, Dani decides that is just enough time to spank Tiana. She puts her over her knee and gives her a sound spanking, even using the wooden ruler to make sure it is painful for Tiana to sit.
Episode 349: Dani Spanked Over Fighting - 10 mins.
Tiana Irie and new girl Dani Synclair are in the office of teacher Snow because they were caught fighting. Tiana offers to take the blame if she can give Dani a spanking right here in the office. Dani agrees and gets over the knee for a sound spanking with hand and wooden ruler. Her curvy bottom becomes very sore.
Episode 348: Tutor Spanks Yasmine - 8 mins.
Yasmine Sinclair has been slacking off on her studies. Her tutor Rachel Adams is fed up with it. Rachel puts Yasmine over her knee for a sound motivational spanking that includes the use of her hand plus a wooden spoon. Schoolgirl Yasmine ends up with a sore, red bottom and hopefully a lesson learned.
Episode 347: Em Indica Spanked For Bad Grades - 10 mins.
New sorority girl Em Indica is marched into the kitchen by her ear. Teacher Clare Fonda knows that Em can do better than her grades indicate so Clare motivates Em with a sound spanking over her knee in the sorority house kitchen, where all the other girls might hear. She even uses a wooden spoon to drive the lesson home.
Episode 346: Test Copying Incident Pt 3 - 11 mins.
Tiana Irie, even though she was spanked by Yasmine, gets called into the office of Teacher Snow and is again spanked for letting Yasmine copy her test answers. Turns out that Tiana did better than her grade indicated, but Snow wanted to teach her a lesson, as she does now with this hard spanking with hand and wooden ruler.
Episode 345: Test Copying Incident Pt 2 - 9 mins.
Yasmine Sinclair was spanked by Tiana Irie for copying on her test. But now that Yasmine learns that they both failed the test, she decides it is time for some payback. She puts Tiana over her knee for a sound spanking, then has her bend over for some swats with a large wooden paddle.
Episode 344: Field Trip Spanking - 10 mins.
Minx Girl is making too much noise in the hotel on the field trip. Apricot Pitts has warned her that they will get in trouble if Minx keeps yelling at the other guests. So Apricot feels that it is time for Minx to receive a spanking and paddling to help keep Minx in line. Apricot turns that muscular bottom bright red.
Episode 343: Graycee Baybee Spanks Clare - 12 mins.
Clare Fonda comes into the kitchen at the sorority house to give Graycee Baybee a spanking for cooking the meal that made the others sick. But Clare was the one who bought the expired mayo. So Clare allows Graycee to spank her, as long as she makes sound like she is the one getting spanked.
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