Episode 174: Juliette Spanks River For Peeping - 8 mins.
Juliette March is masturbating on the sofa in the sorority house when classmate River Fox walks in on her. Juliette accuses River of peeping on her so she grabs the curvy bottomed River and puts her over her knee for a painful spanking. River protests and insists she was peeping and that it is all her fault, but the spanking continues until River ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 173: Veronica Spanked by Mom in Kitchen - 7 mins.
Veronica Ricci got in trouble for fighting and on a rare trip home, her mom (played by Mistress Crystal)is waiting for her. The tall, dominant lady puts her naughty daughter over her knee right there in the kitchen for a very hard spanking with her hand and a wooden spoon. After, Veronica rubs her sore, marked up bottom and reflects on how bad she ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 172: Nikki Spanks Joy in Kitchen - 8 mins.
Nikki Turner is still sore from the spanking that fellow pledge Joy gave her before dinner. And the dinner was a bust despite help from Joy. So Nikki is angry with Joy now. Which means she has no choice but to put her over her knee, right there in the kitchen and give her a painful spanking with her hand, and the same wooden spoon that Joy last use... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 171: Dria Gets a Revenge Spanking - 11 mins.
Well in their last episode Miss Cassie had spanked Dria because she thought she stole her license. So Dria gets a revenge spanking to teach Cassie a lesson she will not soon forget. She puts Cassie over her knee and gives her a long, hard, painful spanking. She even pulls her pantyhose down and spanks her bare bottom, which is so embarrassing to Ca... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 170: Veronica Spanks Chrissy Marie - 12 mins.
When Veronica Ricci discovers that Chrissy Marie is the one who took the Nuns items, with photographic proof, she gives Chrissy a hard over the knee spanking with a thick wooden bath brush that leaves Chrissy very sorry and unable to sit down for a week. Chrissy has her cute bubble butt turned bright red, and she rubs it for a long time after this ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 169: Nikki Spanked for Bad Cooking - 8 mins.
Nikki Turner is supposed to cook dinner for the sorority, but makes the worst meal ever, consisting mostly of chips and chocolate. Joy Luck will help, but it will cost naughty Nikki in the form of a spanking over the knee. Joy gives Nikki a hard spanking right there in the kitchen, and Nikki is sorry she wore the shortest shorts ever that offer no ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 168: Cassie Spanks Dria for Stealing - 8 mins.
Miss Cassie accuses bad girl Dria of stealing her drivers license from her purse. She is the only one who could have done it, even though Dria denies it. So Miss Cassie gets to the bottom of things but putting Dria over her knee for a sound spanking on that deliciously curvy bottom. When her hand is not enough to get a confession, Cassie turns to t... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 167: New Girl Cherry Spanked by Mia - 9 mins.
Giant goddess Mia Vallis is angry with new girl Cherry (who makes her spanking scene debut in this scene) for telling the nuns that Mia is where short-shorts that show her butt cheeks. Mia is so angry, in fact, that she puts the new girl over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a leather paddle that leaves hand prints on her bottom... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 166: Veronica Spanks Tattle-teller Lola - 11 mins.
Sexy Lola Anderson has proof that she did not steal the purse from a nun and shows it to Veronica Ricci. But Veronica does not tolerate those who tattle tale, and she demonstrates with a long, hard spanking. She puts the cute girl, naked, over her knee and punishes her with her hand and a wooden hair brush, so much that Lola learns her lesson with ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 165: Misty Stone Spanks Daizy for Copying - 13 mins.
Porn superstar Misty Stone plays a sorority girl who decides to punish classmate Daizy Cooper, who desperately needs to copy off Misty's homework. This is a firm but extremely sensual spanking, that includes a multitude of sexy positions, different implements in addition to Misty's hand and even some tongue action. Daizy feels pain and pleasure bef... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 164: Nikki Spanks Ashley Lane in the Office - 9 mins.
Nikki Turner and Ashley Lane are called into the office of a nun to explain how and why Nikki copied on a test. Ashley does not want to take the blame, but Ashley can be very convincing. She puts Ashley over her knee for a long hard spanking right there in the office, turning her bottom bright red. She not only uses her hand, but also a wooden hair... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 163: Riley Anne Spanks Star - 11 mins.
Senior Girl Star had spanked new girl Riley Anne without authorization and Riley threatens to tell on her unless she can get some revenge. Star reluctantly agrees to take a spanking for the thin hottie Riley who surprisingly packs a punch. Riley gives Star a long, hard spanking over her knee that leaves Star's bottom bright red. And she adds to the... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 162: Miss Bettie Spanks Hannah for Grades - 9 mins.
Teacher Miss Bettie calls student Hannah Hunt into her office where she reams her for her bad grades. Bettie gives Hannah a choice, get kicked off the volleyball team or take a motivational punishment. Hannah submits to a hard spanking over Bettie's knee, turning her curvy bottom bright red. Then she bends over for a hard strapping that leaves so s... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 161: Judy and April Spank Each Other in Class - 11 mins.
Curvy bottomed Judy Jolie needs April Snow to forge a signature on a note for her while both are in detention. April will do it for a price - she gets to give Judy a spanking. After the spanking, and the note signing, Judy decides that April is in for a spanking of her own, and she pulls the schoolgirl over her knee in the front of the classroom an... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 160: Veronica Spanks Bully Ashley Lane - 13 mins.
Veronica Ricci had spanked Ashley Lane a few weeks ago for not standing up for herself. But now Ashley is bullying other girls, taking this directive too far. So Veronica teaches Ashley another lesson on her already sore bottom by putting her over her knee for yet another spanking, this one with hand and a leather paddle. Ashley is so sore she can'... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 159: New Girl Riley Anne Gets a Spanking - 11 mins.
New girl Riley Anne is a beauty with long legs and perky bottom. But she has a bit of an attitude, which Star Nine (the Sheriff) will not tolerate, so she puts Riley over her knee for a long spanking. Riley protests that she has a volleyball game later and she's worried everyone will see her red bottom through her short shorts, but that only makes ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 158: Classroom Detention Spanking - 11 mins.
Joy Luck and April Snow (in her spanking debut) are stuck in detention in the classroom. They both decide to blame each other. So first Joy gets April up to the front of the class where she puts her over her knee to give April a red, sore bottom. But then April gets her chance, getting Joy over her knee for her own spanking. Afterwards, they return... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 157: Nikki and Ashley Spanked for Bullying - 16 mins
Nikki Turner is bullying other girls, including Ashley Lane. So Veronica Ricci teaches her a lesson with a sound spanking. But Veronica also spanks Ashley for over-playing the "victim" role. Both ladies learn a lesson over Veronica's knee, ending up with very sore, red bottoms.
Episode 156: Judy Jolie Spanked in Classroom - 10 mins
Judy Jolie is in detention with Clare Fonda, who is now a teacher in this school for wayward girls. When Judy falls asleep during detention, Clare decides the bratty Judy needs some discipline - and gives it in the form of a sound spanking in the front of the classroom. Judy promises to behave!
Episode 155: Elori Pays the Price - 11 mins.
Elori Stix knows she has it coming - waiting for Teacher Snow to punish her for cheating in class. Still dressed as a clown, Elori is pulled over Snow's lap. And Snow is also dressed like a clown, only this is some clown spanking, it's the real deal. It is hard. It stings. Snow uses her strong hand plus a hard wooden ruler. Elori ends up a sad clow... JOIN FOR MORE
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