Episode 300: Ziva Spanked For Falling Asleep - 14 mins.
Ziva Fey has been falling asleep at volleyball practice. Coach Veronica Ricci storms into the sorority house dining room to punish her and help her to stay awake with a sound spanking over her knee. Veronica even puts a collar on Ziva to help her learn obedience. Ziva sheds real tears during this painful spanking that leaves her bottom red and sor... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 299: Sky Spanks Clare - 10 mins.
Sky Terrapin was spanked by Clare Fonda recently because Clare thought Sky was lying about who her famous mom was. But now when the truth is revealed, Sky has the opportunity to give Clare a dose of her own medicine. They tall beauty Sky puts Clare over her knee for a sound spanking with hand and hairbrush and Clare quickly learns how powerful Sky ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 298: Sky Terrapin Spanked For Fabricating - 11 mins.
Clare Fonda believes that new sorority girl Sky Terrapin is fabricating a story about her mother being the famous TV lawyer Jessica Terrapin. Sky continues to insist that is her mom. Clare has no choice but to punish this tall beauty for her lies. Clare puts sky over her knee for a painful spanking that includes a wooden spatula. But Sky insists th... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 297: Spanking At the Cabin Part 2 - 10 mins.
Veronica Ricci spanked Emily Parker for setting a bad example for the sorority girls, but it turns out that Veronica is the one who sent the girls to the wrong cabin. So Ms. Parker gets some payback by putting Veronica over her knee and giving her a taste of her own medicine. A sound spanking that turns the bottom bright red.
Episode 296: Spanking At the Cabin Part 1 - 7 mins.
Veronica Ricci and Emily Parker are at the cabin waiting for the sorority girls to arrive for the outing. But Veronica decides that Ms. Parker is setting a bad example for the ladies and decides she needs a spanking. She puts her over her knee in the cabin and gives her a sound spanking with a paddle that she will not soon forget, leaving Emily ru... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 295: Teacher Snow Spanks Rachel - 12 mins.
In the conclusion of this series, Rachel Adams must now face Teacher Snow Mercy and admit she was the cheater, even though she was not. Snow has her doubts but still puts Rachel over her knee for a long and hard spanking that makes Rachel cry. She even uses a wooden ruler to drive home her lesson. Rachel is left rubbing her sore bottom in the cor... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 294: Rachel Spanks Dria - 9 mins.
Dria had just spanked Rachel Adams in the office to help convince her to say she was the one cheating. But Rachel would only agree if she gets to spank Dria, too. And that is exactly what she does as she puts the curvy bottomed school girl over her knee for a painful spanking with hand and hairbrush. When it is over, Dria hurries out of the office,... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 293: Dria Spanks Rachel - 9 mins.
Dria and Rachel Adams have been called into the office of Teacher Snow Mercy. Dria tries to convince goodie two shoes Rachel to tell Snow that it is Rachel responsible for cheating on the test. And she will owe her one. When Rachel is reluctant, Dria uses a good old fashioned spanking to help Rachel decide. Rachel agrees, but only if she can do so... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 292: Madison Swan Spanks Yasmine - 11 mins.
Madison Swan was just spanked by Yasmine Sinclair. Now Madison demonstrates her slick wrestling moves. Yasmine ends up over the knee of the small but strong Madison, who gives her a dose of her own medicine. She spanks Yasmine with her hand, then a paddle, then gives her a few swats with the heavy attitude adjuster paddle that leaves Yasmine rubbi... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 291: Yasmine Spanks Madison Swan - 9 mins.
Yasmine Sinclair greets new pledge Madison Swan with an initiation spanking, capped off with a few swats with the attitude adjustment paddle. It is a hard spanking that surprises Madison and makes her want to get revenge some time. Maybe that time will come sooner than later. In the meantime, Madison is left rubbing her sore, red bottom.
Episode 290: Dria Spanks Carmen - 11 mins.
Counselor Carmen was spanking Dria because she was convinced that Dria was the one who cheated on the big test. But when Carmen gets a call that explains it was someone else, she asks Dria is she will keep quiet about this. Dria will, but only if she can give Carmen a spanking of her own, right there in the bathroom, where the other sorority girls... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 289: Carmen Spanks Dria - 10 mins.
New sorority supervisor Carmen believes that Dria is the one who pulled off an elaborate test cheating plan. But Dria strongly denies it. Carmen puts Dria over her knee in the bathroom and begins spanking her in a place where the other sorority girls can all hear. Dria sticks with her story even when Carmen uses the wooden paddle on that curvy bot... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 288: Veronica Spanks Mila - 11 mins.
Veronica Ricci breaks in new pledge sorority girl Mila Starfyre with a sound spanking over her knee. Mila is a rebel who does not want to follow the rules and wants to wear whatever she wants, so head girl Veronica teaches her a lesson the old fashioned way. She turns that bottom bright red, leaving Mila rubbing her sore bottom.
Episode 287: Coco Gives Clare A Spanking - 8 mins.
Coco Lovelock was just spanked by teacher Clare Fonda, who thought Coco cheated. But when Clare gets a call, in front of Coco, that says someone else was the cheater, Coco is looking for payback. So Clare agrees to take a spanking in the kitchen if Coco will keep quiet about the mix up. Clare quickly learns that while Coco is tiny, she can deliver ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 286: Coco Lovelock Spanked For Cheating - 9 mins.
The super small and super cute Coco Lovelock is accused of cheating in class by teacher Clare Fonda. Clare enters the kitchen at the sorority house to make her accusation. Coco strongly denies the charge, but still ends up over the knee of the tall and sexy Clare, who turns that bubble butt bright red, even though Coco continues to deny the charge... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 285: New Girls Pledge Spanking Pt 2 - 10 mins.
It is time for Ziva Fey to receive her spanking as part of her pledge for the sorority. So Rolli gives out her first ever spanking to the cute Ziva, who must read the pledge rules while receiving her spanking over the knee of the bigger Rolli. Fair skinned Ziva ends up with a very red, sore bottom. Mild level spanking, but the red is for real.
Episode 284: New Girls Pledge Spanking Pt 1 - 11 mins.
Two new pledges have been assigned to spank each other. Ziva Fey takes the first turn spanking fellow pledge Rolli on her curvy bottom. Rolli must read the pledge rules while she is getting spanked. This is more of a fun spanking, then a hard spanking, but Rolli has a low tolerance for spanking and indeed ended up with a very sore bottom and eager... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 283: Tiana Spanks Dria - 8 mins.
Tiana Irie agrees to help Dria cheat on her test, but only if Dria agrees to take a spanking. Dria gets over her lap for a painful spanking, that includes the leather hand-shaped paddle. Tria also convinces Dria to study instead of cheating, using great logic, reasoning and the power of a good old-fashioned spanking.
Episode 282: Dria Spanks Tiana - 9 mins.
Dria approaches the very smart and straight laced Tiana Irie to let her know that she will be looking over her shoulder for the big test, helping her get the answer right. But Tria says she will tell if that happens. So Dria uses a good old fashioned spanking to help Tiana see the logic and value of this project. Dria even uses a leather paddle in ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 281: Vernoica Spanks Lux In Laundry Room - 10 mins.
Lux Lives was supposed to do the laundry for the sorority. She messed things up badly. Sorority President Veronica Ricci pays her a visit in the laundry room where she puts the tall, naughty lady over her knee for a painful spanking that turns her bottom bright red. Veronica even uses a leather hand shaped paddle. When the spanking is over, Lux mus... JOIN FOR MORE
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