Episode 313: Bella Spanked By Teacher Clare - 9 mins.
Bella Ink is getting tutoring from Teacher Clare Fonda, who believes that Bella is trying to fool her. Clare does not think there is actually a film class taught at the school. Bella insists that there is one. This conflict leads to Clare putting Bella over her knee for a sound spanking. Bella protests, kicks her legs and nearly cries, but Clare in... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 312: Maddy Spanked By Cheyenne - 7 mins.
Maddy Marks recently spanked Cheyenne Jewel while posing as a young administrator. Now that Cheyenne is onto Maddy, she puts her over her knee for some spanking action. Cheyenne spanks Maddy with her hand, turning her bottom red. Then she bends her over for a round with the paddle. After, both ladies are left to rub their sore bottoms in the office... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 311: Cheyenne Spanked By Maddy - 11 mins.
Cheyenne Jewel has been fighting with other girls and gets called into the office. But she finds Maddy Marks there instead of the Sister Mary Margaret. Maddy explains that she is replacing the nun in order to dish out discipline to Cheyenne. She spanks Cheyenne over her knee, then had her bend over to take some with the paddle. Cheyenne gets a very... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 310: Lexi Spanks Rose - 12 mins.
Rose B spanked Lexi Holland, who just now discovered that Rose had no authority to, so Lexi is all about getting some sweet revenge. She puts Rose over her knee for a longer, harder spanking that Rose gave her. Lexi even brings out the hairbrush to turn that bottom bright red. Rose is left rubbing her sore bottom in the corner when it is over.
Episode 309: Rose Spanks Lexi Holland - 10 mins.
According to new sorority girl Rose B, Lexi Holland was not supposed to spank teach Clare Fonda. So Rose says she has been sent to give Lexi another spanking as her punishment for doing so. Lexi gets over the knee and takes a long, sound spanking, with hand and hairbrush, leaving Lexi rubbing her sore bottom in the corner. But Lexi might be looking... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 308: Lexi Spanks Clare - 10 mins.
When sorority girl Lexi Hollands finds out that he did have the correct night for the part, tomorrow, and that Sorority Mother Clare Fonda spanked her hard for no good reason, she is looking for some payback. Reluctantly, Clare agrees. Lexi puts Clare over her knee for a sound spanking, using her hand and a hairbrush, turning that famous bottom bri... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 307: Lexi Spanked For Missing Party - 8 mins.
Lexi Belle was supposed to prepare for the sorority party. Teacher and sorority Mom Clare Fonda storms into the dining room and chastises Lexi for not being ready for the party. Lexi insists that the party is not until tomorrow. But Clare is sure that she is right and she punishes Lexi for her mistake with a sound spanking over her knee. Clare driv... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 306: Gigi Spanks And Paddles Tiana - 8 mins.
Tiana Irie spanked and paddle Gigi Lea for spreading gossip about her. But now nerd Gigi is in a position to help Tiana with her science class by tutoring her. Gigi will do it if Tiana lets Gigi give her a spanking and paddling, too. Tiana agrees and Gigi spanks Tiana over her knee before having her bend over for 25 hard swats with the large woode... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 305: Tiana Spanks And Paddles Gigi - 8 mins.
Gigi Lea visits Tiana Irie to plead with her not to beat her up at school for gossiping about how bad Tiana is doing in their science class. Tiana suggests that a spanking would resolve the issue and Gigi agrees. So first Tiana puts Gigi over her knee and turns her curvy bottom bright red. Then she has Gigi bend over and she paddles Gigi 25 times, ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 304: Zumi Spanks Clare - 13 mins.
Exotic sorority girl Numi Zarah catches Teacher Clare Fonda acting inappropriately again. She threatens to tell the dean. Clare will do anything to prevent that from happening. So it is a spanking for Clare. Numi gives Clare a very long and sound spanking over her knee in the sorority living room, completing it by counting 100 spanks with a hairbru... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 303: Ziva Spanks Sky -
Ziva Fey got spanked by her giant sorority mate Sky Terrapin so that Sky could convince Ziva to do her sorority chores for her. Well Ziva will do them and not tell anyone about it if Ziva gets to spank Sky, too. She gives her a sound spanking with hand and the dreaded wooden spatula. Ziva may be on the tiny side, but she leaves her mark on the curv... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 302: Sky Spanks Ziva Fey - 8 mins.
Tall beauty Sky Terrapin convinces new sorority girl Ziva Fey to do her kitchen chores for her today because Sky has social plans. Ziva is reluctant at first but Sky has the power of the spanking as an effective tool. Two sexy ladies in this thrilling spanking that includes a wooden spoon that turns that curvy bottom bright red. Ziva is feisty thou... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 301: Clare Spanked By Kyla - 11 mins.
Kyla Keys is one of the counselors at the school who confronts Teacher Clare Fonda in the kitchen of the sorority house. Clare has been on a spanking rampage, spanking so many of the sorority girls lately. And Kyla says it is happening too much without Clare getting permission from the school. So as punishment, Kayla gives Clare - what else - a sp... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 300: Ziva Spanked For Falling Asleep - 14 mins.
Ziva Fey has been falling asleep at volleyball practice. Coach Veronica Ricci storms into the sorority house dining room to punish her and help her to stay awake with a sound spanking over her knee. Veronica even puts a collar on Ziva to help her learn obedience. Ziva sheds real tears during this painful spanking that leaves her bottom red and sor... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 299: Sky Spanks Clare - 10 mins.
Sky Terrapin was spanked by Clare Fonda recently because Clare thought Sky was lying about who her famous mom was. But now when the truth is revealed, Sky has the opportunity to give Clare a dose of her own medicine. They tall beauty Sky puts Clare over her knee for a sound spanking with hand and hairbrush and Clare quickly learns how powerful Sky ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 298: Sky Terrapin Spanked For Fabricating - 11 mins.
Clare Fonda believes that new sorority girl Sky Terrapin is fabricating a story about her mother being the famous TV lawyer Jessica Terrapin. Sky continues to insist that is her mom. Clare has no choice but to punish this tall beauty for her lies. Clare puts sky over her knee for a painful spanking that includes a wooden spatula. But Sky insists th... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 297: Spanking At the Cabin Part 2 - 10 mins.
Veronica Ricci spanked Emily Parker for setting a bad example for the sorority girls, but it turns out that Veronica is the one who sent the girls to the wrong cabin. So Ms. Parker gets some payback by putting Veronica over her knee and giving her a taste of her own medicine. A sound spanking that turns the bottom bright red.
Episode 296: Spanking At the Cabin Part 1 - 7 mins.
Veronica Ricci and Emily Parker are at the cabin waiting for the sorority girls to arrive for the outing. But Veronica decides that Ms. Parker is setting a bad example for the ladies and decides she needs a spanking. She puts her over her knee in the cabin and gives her a sound spanking with a paddle that she will not soon forget, leaving Emily ru... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 295: Teacher Snow Spanks Rachel - 12 mins.
In the conclusion of this series, Rachel Adams must now face Teacher Snow Mercy and admit she was the cheater, even though she was not. Snow has her doubts but still puts Rachel over her knee for a long and hard spanking that makes Rachel cry. She even uses a wooden ruler to drive home her lesson. Rachel is left rubbing her sore bottom in the cor... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 294: Rachel Spanks Dria - 9 mins.
Dria had just spanked Rachel Adams in the office to help convince her to say she was the one cheating. But Rachel would only agree if she gets to spank Dria, too. And that is exactly what she does as she puts the curvy bottomed school girl over her knee for a painful spanking with hand and hairbrush. When it is over, Dria hurries out of the office,... JOIN FOR MORE
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