Episode 91: Sorority Girls Accused of Being Witches - 27 mins.
Veronica Ricci believes that there might be witchcraft going on at the sorority and she spanks new pledge Ingrid Mouth and longtime sorority member Christy Cutie to get to the bottom of it, using her hand and a leather paddle. But Ingrid and Christy insist that they aren't witches and decide to give Veronica a taste of her own medicine right there ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 90: Jenna Spanks Star in the Kitchen - 10 mins.
Jenna Sativa is still angry and sore about the recent spanking Star had given her so she gets her revenge in the kitchen when Star least expects it. She spanks her hard and even gives her many whacks with a wooden spoon, which she counts. After this spanking, Star threatens to get Jenna back some time soon.
Episode 89: Angela Sommers Gets Spanked - 12 minutes
Senior Amelea Dark has been put in charge of new pledge Angela Sommers, who is supposed to be getting the party ready, but instead has been eating the snacks. Amelea shows Angela what happens to naughty girls who act like spoiled brats at this sorority - she puts her over her knee for a long, hard spanking, turning Angela's curvy bottom bright red.... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 88: Discipline From Sister Cy - 27 mins.
Aleksa Nicole is a trouble maker from a rival school who breaks into the sorority and starts a fight. When Sister Cy walks in, she decides to first punish Aleksa, then school girls Jynx Maze and Tori Avano. After learning Veronica Ricci was the main instigator, she allows each girl to take a turn spanking Veronica. Lots of naughty, round bottomed s... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 87: Spanking at the Rival School - 7 mins.
Bettie Bondage is the tough girl at the rival school and she doesn't like the way Bunny is acting at all. So she puts the curvy girl right over her knee for a hard spanking with her hand and a nice leather paddle. When Bettie is finished, Bunny has learned her lesson and will take the rivalry with the other school seriously.
Episode 86: Jenna Sativa Gets Sorority Initiation - 13 mins.
Jenna Sativa is new to the school and sorority and Star Nine gives her a painful initiation which includes a hand spanking, a few whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle, and then a kiss. Jenna can hardly take it all, but she has no choice as it is all part of the red-bottomed lesson-learning ritual.
Episode 85: Krissy Wants Her Room Back From Gigi Allens - 16 mins.
The bad girl Krissy Kage returns to the sorority and demands that Gigi Allens give her the room back since it used to be hers. When Gigi refuses, Krissy throws her over her knee for a spanking. But Gigi is tall and tough herself and gives Krissy a hard spanking, too. And not just with her hand. Gigi also uses a large wooden bath brush that leaves K... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 84: Strict Nurse Gives Veronica Hard Spanking - 16 mins.
Veronica tries to fake an injury and must visit the strict nurse (played by Asphyxia Noir), who takes her temperature anally, then spanks Veronica hard when she decides she's faking it. The nurse puts Veronica over her knee for a hairbrush spanking, then bends her over for the strap. After, Veronica goes back to the sorority house where she secretl... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 83: Star and Alyssa's Anal Adventure - 19 mins.
Star needs to practice taking someone's temperature anally. When Alyssa resists, Star tries to convince her with a sound spanking and paddling. But Alyssa holds out for more. She'll do it if she can give Star a spanking, too. Good scene with anal thermometer, kissing and lots and lots of naked spanking.
Episode 82: Mom Spanks a Bully - 6 mins.
Briana's mom is back visiting the sorority when she encounters a bully from another school who has picked on her daughter. She won't tolerate this, so she puts Vivian over her knee and teaches her a lesson with a sound spanking with hand and hairbrush and includes some hair pulling and scolding. But Vivian wrestles and spanks Miss Cassie right back... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 81: Student Nurse Gives Sexy Spanking - 8 mins.
Sunny Day poses as a nurse who must give new student Mary Jane Mahem an exam. She takes Mary Jane's temperature rectally. When she becomes surly and uncooperative, Sunny spanks her. When Mary Jane figures out that Sunny was not a real nurse, she gives her a few spanks of her own. Sexy and mild spankings is the prescription in this one.
Episode 80: Snow Directs Vernoica to Spank Koko - 14 mins.
Teacher Snow (Snow Mercy) recently spanked Veronica Ricci to instruct her in the ways of spanking as she is now sorority leader. Snow wants to see how Veronica does and has her sit on her sore bottom to put Koko Kitten over her knee and practice spanking Koko hard. She also shows her how to use implements on Koko, including the large wooden pledge ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 79: Sadie Spanks Riley for Losing the Game - 11 mins.
Veronica informs Sadie that she can spank Riley, who played badly in volleyball. Sadie is so happy she can put the heavy hurt on Riley, using her hand and hairbrush to turn that curvy bottom bright red. Riley can do nothing other than get over Sadie's knee and take it this time. Still plenty complaining about the "spanking" and lots of rubbing afte... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 78: Brianna Spanked by Mom - 14 mins.
Brianna Brown is a new pledge who has never really been disciplined properly. When her mom drops her off to the halfway house, her daughter is defiant, so mom (played by pro domme Miss Cassie) decides it is high time she put her bratty daughter over her knee for a sound spanking. Brianna then informs mom that she'll cooperate as long as she gets to... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 77: Miss Snow Punishes Veronica - 13 mins.
Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) calls Veronica into her office to talk to her about becoming the new sorority leader. But Veronica lacks discipline. So Snow teaches Veronica a valuable lesson first over her knee, then bent over her desk with a hard wooden yardstick and finally with the large pledge paddle. Veronica learns a valuable lesson that leaves her b... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 76: Blackmail Spanking - 11 mins.
Alyssa Reece is still sore from the spanking Star gave her. So she threatens to tell on Star for having a bottle of wine, unless Star agrees to take a spanking from Alyssa, plus not retaliate. Star reluctantly agrees then finds herself over Alyssa's knee in the kitchen. The punishment is topped off with Star bending over for 10 whacks with the wood... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 75: Chanell Instigates Group Spankings - 23 mins.
A massive spanking epic with 8 sorority girls who are ordered to be nice to new, rich girl Chanell Heart. But when Miss Snow leaves, the girls gang up on Chanell and spank her. Miss Snow catches them and all of the other girls are punished, with over-the-knee spankings with hand and hairbrush, then the 3 worst girls receive the large wooden pledge... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 74: Food Spankings - 24 mins.
Veronica Ricci had asked Koko Kitten to help her monitor how much she eats. Koko catches Veronica eating junk food in the kitchen so she must punish her. She puts Veronica over her knee and spanks her while lecturing her about not eating too much. But Veronica decides Koko must be spanked, too, and she even spanks some food right into Koko's botto... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 73: Riley Motivates Sadie - 11 mins.
Riley was looking for a chance for some revenge on Sadie. When she catches Sadie slacking off instead of doing her homework, she puts her over her knee for a sound spanking. She even makes Sadie read DURING the spanking, until Sadie is humiliated and in pain. When it's finally over, Sadie is left to study with her red bottom, rubbing it while she... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 72: Chaos In The Kitchen - 19 mins.
Star Nine is back to intimidating Alyssa Reece, this time in the kitchen, when she sits on a stool and puts the curvy bottomed pledge over her knee for a hand and wooden spoon spanking. More making out occurs before Alyssa gets to spank Star a little bit, too, and finished strong with that wooden spoon.
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